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Welcome New Members!

Welcome to the Black Sheep Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. There are many opportunities here. But before you can actively participate in any Field Training Exercise (FTX), Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) or real mission, you must complete some initial training.

The "Training" page will provide a list of the courses you must complete. (Be sure and register as a member on this site so you can access the page.) Some links, require you to personally log in to a seperate site after registering. But, we'll at least get you to the portal so you can find your course.

Most of the initial training can be done online. A couple of the courses require a Commanders Interview at the end, but that can be accomplished during one of our Training Meetings. Also, recognizing that spare time is rare, if you need to do online training during our Tuesday Night meeting, just email Lt Col Ray Hicks at the Monday before the meeting, and he will try and have a laptop available for you to use.

The goal is to get you as active in the unit as possible, as quick as possible.

The courses you need to take are listed in order. Up to a point anyway.

Course lengths range from as little as 15 minutes, to around three hours.

In any case, thank you for volunteering your talents and your time!


Current members of the Black Sheep Squadron are invited to register above for access to member pages. 

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